Incentive Travel and Company Activities in Madrid

Madrid on two wheels

Incentive Travel and Company Activities in Madrid

Tired of trying to find the perfect day out for your company – something that has adventure, history and a chance to do something new and unusual? Discover our incentives travel and company activities in Madrid.

BIKE SPAIN TOURS has the solution: a day spent cycling in El Escorial, the Sierra de Guadarrama, or visiting the historic Sierra Norte and the El Paular Monastery in Rascafría. Why go biking? In addition to being a perfect way of getting exercise, riding on a bicycle allows you to travel a greater distance and take advantage of the natural beauty of your surroundings.

It’s not competitive, which means that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the event. Above all cycling is a great way to have fun, burn calories and work off stress, all at the same time.

Madrid on two wheels!

When you work with BIKE SPAIN TOURS, you work with an experienced, multilingual team dedicated to making your trip the best it can be.

  1. Well-trained, professional tour leaders.
    We carefully select and train our leaders and meet with them regularly in order to keep them up to date with safety, equipment or logistics issues.
  2. Expertise in Biking in Madrid.
    Biking in urban settings can be dangerous, and it’s even worse in a city where biking is starting to take off. We’ve helped destroy the image of Madrid being unsafe for cyclists: by using one-way streets in the historic city centre and travelling on pedestrianised streets (where bikes are permitted), you can bike around town without having to be obsessed about your safety.
  3. A new fleet of city bikes every year, which are regularly maintained and kept in tip-top shape. Bike Spain provides you with all necessary material to ensure your safety and comfort so that all you have to do is get in the saddle and get ready to have a great time!
  4. Extensive experience organizing company, regional and fundraising events.
    As the sole company chosen to work with Madrid’s Tourism Council as a official partner for its city tours, Bike Spain has years of experience coordinating, organizing and delivering bike tours in and around the city, and across the Spanish peninsula. Bike Spain has more experience organizing incentive trips, bicycle tours and publicity events than any other bike touring company on the peninsula.
  5. Diversifying activities.
    While many groups love the idea of having a day out, you don’t have to focus the activity solely on biking. Why not consider a combination of biking with a hiking excursion in one the Madrid region’s more scenic corners? Or, if your group truly loves a challenge, we’ll tailor-make a complete bicycle activity day (with treasure hunts, history quizzes and all kinds of fun activities) specifically for your group.

Nuestro Madrid en bicicleta transcurre por los lugares más interesantes de esta bella ciudad, empezando en el Templo de Debod, desde donde comtemplamos una de las vistas más espectaculares de la sierra y entendemos la razón geográfica de los origenes de Madrid. A continuación, vamos al Palacio Real, pasamos al Madrid medieval, Madrid de los Austrias, Plaza de la Villa, Plaza Mayor, Plaza de Santa Ana, Paseo del Prado y podemos acabar en el Parque del Retiro donde podemos dar un paseo más amplio o podemos volver a la salida.

The destinations are only limited by your imagination

Our Madrid city tour connects the most prominent and interesting sights of the city, starting along the old Moorish walls of the city, visiting the 2,200 year-old Templo de Debod (recovered during the construction of the construction of dams on the Nile, and given as a present to the Spanish state). From there we head through Habsburg Madrid, visiting the Royal Palace and the Plaza de Oriente and move through narrow streets lined with medieval palaces. We’ll take the opportunity to enjoy a cool drink in the bustling Plaza Mayor before heading off to head by the Botanical Garden and the Prado museum, take time to discover the shady Retiro Gardens
and visit the Puerta del Alcalá before heading back along the Calle de Alcalá, through the Plaza de Cibeles (past the wedding cake-like Palacio de Comunicaciones, where the main post office is located) before returning back to the Puerta del Sol, in the heart of the city.

If you want a truly memorable event set in some of Madrid’s most stunning territory, why not consider staging an event in the Sierra de Madrid? Some of Spain’s most historic and prettiest monuments – the Monasteries of El Paular and San Lorenzo del Escorial and the Manzanares Castle – are nestled in the valleys of the Sierra, totally accessible by bike and make for a great escape out of the summer heat of Madrid. Less than an hour out of Madrid there’s a great opportunity to travel down the roads less traveled, through cattle ranches, under gigantic storks’nest, and have lunch in a quiet country estate, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and fantastic views with your lunch.

We’ll give you the opportunity to feel the pulse of every place. Far from being just an onlooker, you’ll have the chance to live the sounds, sights and rhythms of Madrid. Our guides are fun people with a solid background. Not only are they responsible for your safety on every tour, they will also provide all necessary equipment, safety items, food and drinks. All you have to do is bring your eyes, ears and curiosity!